Presenting Your Future

Written By: chineme


Have you ever wondered what specifically leads to happiness? Or how to stay stress free? Or how to speak effectively?

Do you frequently feel put-upon, disregarded, disrespected or just plain wronged?

Do you often wonder how it would feel to achieve real success?

Do you often say to yourself, “I’ll be really happy when…” (fill in the blanks)?

Have you asked yourself what “success” actually means for you?

There are many great motivational and inspirational guides out there but this one is different. There Is No Time Like the Present to Create Your Future provides 7 practical action steps to be used in all aspects of life when you encounter problematic issues that cause you to feel stuck in a rut or unhappy. It is not about visualisation or affirmations – it is an action guide for dealing effectively with everyday problems.

You will discover how you can:

– practically and effectively create for yourself a better tomorrow

– defeat procrastination and just get it going

– learn all about the big selling secret

– go from corporate burnout to a life inspired

– deal with problems at work

– be comfortable outside of your usual comfort zone

And so much more wise and practical action steps which will help you improve body, mind and soul and empower you to move forward with confidence to achieve good health, wealth and happiness.

There are over 118 pages packed full with 21 great topics from proven leaders to inspire you to award winning success in all areas of your life.

Do not remain in despair – as the late, great Jim Rohn stated, “success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

This book will show you how.

“There Is No Time Like The Present To Create Your Future by Chineme Noke is the top Success Tactic in a book full of exciting new ideas. Chineme is a rising star in the field of Success. You will love the insights she brings to the Personal Growth and Success field.”
– Bill Quain, Ph.D.

Presenting Your Future

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Chineme’s first chapter provides 7 Action Steps for how we can all take responsibility for our own well-being and create for ourselves a better tomorrow. The book also contains 20 more great topics from proven leaders to inspire you to award winning success!

“Every new level of success requires a NEW YOU, and Chineme Noke helps you get to that next level quickly.”
– Mike Litman.

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